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There are three conferences being held in 2007 which will host symposiums on volcanic health hazards. Details of these meetings can be found on the Meetings page.

IVHHN will be holding its third workshop at the Cities on Volcanoes 4 conference in Quito, Ecuador. The conference starts on 23 January and the IVHHN workshop will be on the Tuesday evening following the full-day Health Symposium that day.

IVHHN is pleased to announce publication of guidelines on techniques for analysing the grain size of volcanic ash samples. These will shortly also be available in Japanese and Spanish.

You can now read all of the website and guidelines in Japanese and two of the most-relevant guideline documents in Spanish. We hope to have more translations for you soon.

IVHHN is pleased to announce publication of two sets of guidelines for volcanic ash management. The first, Ash Sample Collection Procedures, is aimed at scientists to ensure that collection of samples is standardised.